1. Select Product

Browse our lashes on 'SHOP LASHES' located on the main navigation bar.

2. Add To Cart

Once you have found an item you wish to purchase, You can click “ADD TO CART” button. Click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to browse and click on the button for every single item you wish to purchase

3. Check Out & Shipping 

If you are finished, click the “CHECKOUT” button and fill in your detail information from your name, address to postcode. (You can save more time if you are registered as a member, just log in with your username and password). Please type your CITY correctly in the text area provided and our system will autofill it for you. Select the correct CITY and confirm it by entering the correct CAPTCHA.

4. Confirm Delivery Method

After filling address please select the delivery method (please note that every 3PL have different cost also depend on your shippment address).

5. Confirm Payment Method

After selecting the delivery method, you can go throught payment method, there's 3 method available, Bank Transfer (to our BCA Account), Credit Card & Virtual Account (you will get the step direction from Midtrans while doing the transaction).

6. Confirm Payment

After you made payment via Bank Transfer (BCA), and then go to “CONFIRM ORDER” button on the main navigation bar. Please fill the information payment and we will handle your order and ship your items. All information is automatically sent to your designated email.

* maximum period for confirming payment will be 3x24 hours or your order will be automatically cancelled